Community Partners

Institute for Youth Success


POIC consults with partners to ensure all services are culturally appropriate and to identify any gaps where improvements are required.

POIC and its collective impact partners work closely with law enforcement, the workforce development board, juvenile justice, county human services, and education systems to bring evidence of culturally specific perspectives to service delivery.

POIC maintains a diverse, highly skilled and culturally competent staff as teachers, mentors, coaches, administrators, and role models. Collective impact partners have been selected for both their integrity of service and cultural specificity.

The efforts of PCC, PSU, Oregon Mentors, and JVC are directed at increasing social and economic equity for marginalized communities by addressing the roots of disparity, such as education, poverty, violence, and isolation.

Portland’s Black Male Achievement initiative, STRYVE, and Multnomah County Foster Grandparents are assembled of citizens from within low-income and minority communities and draw upon personal experience to impact policy change, educate the community, support families, and share generation wisdom.

Institute for Youth Success

Institute for Youth Success (Formally known as Oregon Mentors) is dedicated to improving the lives of youth and adults through mentor relationships and provides current and detailed information on best-practice methods for creating and implementing mentoring programs.

Peer Mentor staff received training from Oregon Mentors, access to best-practice and evidence based mentoring strategies, and ongoing guidance and technical support as the program has developed. am.

Striving to Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere

STRYVE is a Centers of Disease Control initiative that engages communities affected by violence in using community health-based education and action to prevent youth violence.

Black Male Achievement

A federal initiative to involve city governments and local organizations in creating services and policy change to increase the success, safety, and equity available to African American males.

Portland Community College, Future Connect

This program provides targeted services to first-generation college and low-income college students. Mentees will have access to intensive academic advising, community building activities with peers, and scholarship dollars.

Multnomah Co. Foster Grandparents

Grandparents partner with the Transitions and Young Parent Education Programs to connect two older African American women with direct-service volunteer positions.

The Foster Grandmothers provide mentoring and wisdom to Peer Mentor youth and serve as another socially credible and trustworthy relationship. The Grandmothers also assist in facilitation of mentor meetings and activities, offer childcare for young fathers, and keep the Transitions Center open for walk-in hours.

Portland State University

PSU’s Graduate School of Social Work partners with POIC to provide internship experiences to MSW candidates interested in working with high-risk minority youth. MSW interns assist the Transitions and Peer Mentor Programs

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

JVC's mission is to provide assistance to the most marginalized communities by pairing capable young adults with schools, non-profits, and other community-based organizations serving these communities. A JVC member served his one year internship as the Peer Mentor Program primary coordinator and facilitator and JVC members will continue to provide coordination and/or supportive roles in the program.

Historic Mississippi Business Association

The mission of the Historic Mississippi Avenue Business Association (HMBA) is to promote, develop, and preserve the North Portland business community as a desirable and vibrant place to work, shop, and live. They support our BBYUP Program.

The Rebuilding Center

The Rebuilding Center offers affordable used building and remodeling materials with the goal of promoting the use of salvaged and reclaimed materials — a non-profit resource to strengthen environmental, economic and social fabric of local communities. They support our BBYUP Program.

Community Partner Opportunities

Boise Business Opportunity
Host an Intern, Enhance the Local Workforce with BBYUP

Help teens gain entry in the working world by committing to hosting an intern for 120 hours during the summer months (up to 20 hours per week). Your guidance and mentorship as an employer will help increase self-confidence while providing jobs.

Through your commitment, interns will gain valuable work skills — communications, teambuilding, punctuality, project management, time management, problem solving, critical thinking — that are transferable to all aspects of their lives.

Wages are paid by POIC though contributions from businesses and individuals. POIC will work directly with your business and will screen interview internship applicants and assist with supervision and training

Join the Boise Business & Youth Unity Project (BBYUP)

Help us foster a stronger community through internships for teens.