Rosemary Anderson High School

Rewriting Life Stories

Rosemary Anderson High School has four fully accredited, community-based alternative High Schools enrolling up to 600 students in the 2015/16 academic year. Many of our graduates complete diplomas or GED’s after age 19 due to the effects of unstable family situations and homelessness.

We offer an open-door admission policy, and primarily cater to those students who have failed in the public school system.

Portland OIC’s community-based alternative high school, in operation since 1983, and accredited by the NW Accreditation Commission.

Enrolling up to 700 students annually at our 4 locations.

Our at-risk students have either been expelled or dropped out of public high school and many are homeless. RAHS provides open-door year round access to the “last chance” to complete a high school education, and is currently achieving a 85% graduation rate amongst students who enroll and attend classes.