After-School Programs

Rosemary Anderson High School offers a wide variety of seasonal and year-round after school programs at each of our four campuses. Students can earn elective credits for participation, as well as, other educational benefits from being a part of these activities.

Our after school program are available Monday - Friday. Please check with your campus' Principal for times and availability.



This program, partnered with with Alliance High School and Jesuit High School, will design, build, and program a robot to participate in the First Robotics Competition.

(FRC) – a team sport taking place in more than 22 countries, with over 51,000 students world wide! Please contact your advisor to be a part of this exciting opportunity.

Each FIRST Robotics Competition season culminates with district and regional events where qualifying teams compete for awards and a spot at the FIRST Championship.

This program takes place after school throughout the whole year leading up to competitions.

RAHS Basketball Teams

Season starts afterschool in November 2016. For more information contact Demarcus Richard at




Every 3rd Saturday night at Matt Dishman Community Center from 6:00 - 10:00 pm. Open to all POIC+RAHS students and alumni, and all CHI youth. Come out for dinner, basketball, ping pong, art, dancing, special events, and more. For information contact Dustin Daniel at

Art Workshop

Elective art classes, including photography, drama/theater, and music classes. These classes can be taken for high school diploma credit.




Learn the basics of journalistic writing, story telling, photography, and event coverage through this interactive class. Occasional field trips and opportunities to cover live events are a part of this after school activity.

Leadership Council

For those interested in being a part the decision making process, event planning, and creating the yearbook at their school. Please contact your school's advisor for the times and location of this program.



Community Engagement Activities

Good citizenship is taught through a variety of volunteer service projects within the community. Community service hours can be earned toward credits and graduation requirements.

Credit Recovery

There are several options students have to recover the credits they need for graduation. Options including summer school, online school, night school classes, extended learning, and small group tutoring sessions. Contact your school's advisor for more information.

*Varies based upon school location




Chill Foundation Snowboarding Program

RAHS has been a part of the Burton Chill program for the past 10 years. The mission of the Chill Foundation ( to provide opportunities for underserved youth to build self-esteem and life skills through snowboarding and other board sports, such as skateboarding, stand-up-paddle boarding, and surfing throughout the year. For more information contact Franky Gomez at

Yoga & Fitness

Yoga, mindfulness, and fitness classes happen once a week and can be taken for elective credit. Check with your advisor or principal for the times and locations. Other fitness activities will include swimming, running, basketball and weight lifting.