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Never Give Up - Rosie's Story - Rewriting Life Stories 2017

POIC Work Connections Breakfast 2017 - Young Ladies

POIC Work Connections Breakfast 2017 - Young Men

Never Give Up - Rewriting Life Stories in Portland Oregon

More Than Just a School - Rosemary Anderson High School

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An Invitation from the Founder and CEO of Vacasa

for October 12

"... I believe the tech industry has a responsibility to help ensure that Portland’s more vulnerable residents aren’t missing out on opportunities—especially students," said Eric Breon, founder and CEO of Vacasa. "That’s why my team and I are so excited to get involved with 4K 4Charity Fun Run PDX 2016 and support Rosemary Anderson High School.
"Young people who have not found success in traditional schools—either by dropping out, being expelled, or struggling with homelessness—can get a second chance at RAHS.
"And the school’s alternative approach, tailored to reach these students, really works. Over 90% of their enrolled students graduate, compared to 19% of the national average of dropouts who try to go back to school.
"I love the idea of helping give these students a second chance...
Won’t you join us?"
Read more from Mr. Breon at and register for the 4K 4Charity next Wednesday, October 12.
Can't run/walk with us, please consider a gift to support our mission.

Student visit to Bonneville Dam

Our partnership with the Bureau of Land Management provided an opportunity for students from RAHS North to visit the Bonneville Dam as part of the curriculum focus on "Systems of Power." Thank you to everyone who participated.



Beaches Charity Fund

Thank you to our good friends at Beaches Charity Fund for their continued support of POIC + RAHS. Our President and CEO Joe McFerrin II and RAHS alumni were excited to be presented with a check for $12,500 at the Beaches Summertime Cruisin' event last week at PIR (Portland International Raceway).

Car fans, tomorrow, September 28, is the finale of the event--the largest weekly car show on the West Coast at PIR--with muscle cars and trucks from 1974-2016.

Don't miss out. Visit

for details.

For restaurant information, visit

What We're Reading

POIC + RAHS is dedicated to increasing the education and knowledge of our staff regarding social issues, racial disparities, overcoming the achievement gap, cultural sensitivity and creating thriving communities.

As part of our ongoing training our staff reads weekly articles and quarterly books to continue to learn and improve our work with youth and families.

Take a look at our weekly readings list.

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