Meet Kory Mentorship Benefits

Meet Kory, a young man benefiting from mentorship.

Written by Randall Wyatt, POIC Professional Mentor

One of the strongest relationships I’ve had the pleasure of building has been with ‘Kory,’ a kid who has seen many ups and downs, but has been making steady progress since I was introduced to him six months ago. He participates in almost all CHI mentoring activities like roller skating, college football games, arcade outings, and movies, and is always willing to try activities he’s never done before.

A major highlight in our mentor and mentee relationship was getting him into a recording studio where he was able to hear his voice on a professionally recorded track and experience the process of it all for the first time. We plan to give him plenty more experiences like this in the near future.

Kory’s biggest success was landing a job at Chipotle recently. About two months ago we went to the Multnomah County Library and I assisted him in filling out the job application. A few weeks later; he was called in for an interview, and thanks to his charm and willingness to better himself, he was offered the position and is currently holding it today.


Since 2010, the Community Healing Initiative (CHI) has partnered with Multnomah County to provide culturally specific services to gang-impacted African American youth and their families involved with the Juvenile Justice System. The Mentoring Program was identified as a crucial gap in services to CHI males on probation.  Funded in July 2015, we have seen positive impacts in the youth connected with a mentor who provides a caring relationship focused on influencing youth to build a positive, productive future through teaching problem solving, goal setting, and decision making.