Early Intervention and Diversion

Early Intervention and Diversion

Determine your Path to Success

CHI EI, is an Early Intervention and Diversion Program designed to help youth get back on track and moving in a positive direction.

The program connects youth who have committed low-level offenses for the first time to resources in their communities in an effort to keep them out of the formal juvenile justice system.

Contact Information

  • Laina Yoswein, CSWA
  • Early Intervention and Diversion Coordinator
  • Office: 929.445.7642
  • Cell: 971.263.3336
  • Email: lyoswein@portlandoic.org
  • POIC - CHI Program
  • 9829 E. Burnside, Suite 201
  • Portland, OR 97216
  • Phone: 503.797.7225
  • More about CHI
  • Adore Butcher
  • Early Intervention and Diversion Coordinator
  • Phone: 971.400.0431
  • Fax: 503.253.3757
  • Email: abutcher@portlandoic.org

About Early Intervention

The Community Healing Initiative’s Early Intervention and Diversion program started in July 2015 and is an ongoing collaboration in Multnomah County between Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center and the County local law enforcement.
Portland Opportunities Industrialization Center (POIC) is a non-profit education management organization, established for 45 years in North Portland, serving over 600 students and work trainees annually. Our mission is to reconnect alienated at-risk youth affected by poverty, family instability and homelessness, with high school education and career training as key program features. We currently manage three alternative high schools in North Portland and East County/Gresham, a Work Opportunity Training and Transitions program that mentors students through high school graduation to the age of 25. POIC specializes in serving African American youth and families.

Program Goals

  • Keep Youth out of formal Juvenile Justice System
  • Partner with parents to restore authentic, positive family growth
  • Build youth and family skills & resources
  • Reduce the number of referrals for youth of color to the Juvenile Justice System